2017 Vendor Guidelines

Updated 09/17

FoodInRoot Farmers’ Markets

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General Requirements

1. Application and Agreement – All participants must provide the market manager(s) with a completed and filled application form. This can be done on the website. The necessary documents requested within the application may be requested upon acceptance to the desired market(s). All documents must be received and approved prior to requested date of participation (minimum of a 1 week notice is advised). Applications are encouraged to be completed online at the FoodInRoot website. Note: All applications are subject to an approval process, and any vendor wanting to set up at any particular market must apply and be accepted first.

2. Product Declarations – Vendors are required to submit a complete list of all products they wish to sell with their application. Vendors must have pre-approval from Market Management before selling any product. Note: If vendors wish to add to their original list, they must notify the Market Manager for approval a minimum of one week before they wish to sell the product(s). Failure to notify Market Management about the introduction of new products may be subject to penalty.

3. Vendor Qualification – Any producers of food products on agricultural lands, farms, and gardens are qualified vendors with or without a business license. Resellers of agriculture related products from agricultural lands, farms, and gardens are only qualified vendors once they have obtained a valid business license. Artists, makers, craft vendors, and other services are permitted to sell at certain markets with manager discretion pending an approved application.
a. “Producer” includes owners, proprietors, or tenants of agricultural lands, orchards, farms, and gardens whereon food products are grown, raised, or prepared for market.

b. “Agricultural products” include every product of the soil in its natural or manufactured state, as well as swine, fowls, eggs, and milk and the products thereof. Vendors selling the above products will be subject to an approval process by the Market Management to maintain the quality and appeal of the Farmers’ Market. Vendors must be the manufacturer or sole distribution outlet in Pima County of the goods to be sold.

c. No alcoholic beverages are to be sold by any vendor at the Farmers’ Market.

d. All vendors must sell food or food-related products. This includes, but is not limited to: Concession foods, agricultural foods (meats and produce), goods used in preparation of food (cookware, knives, etc), nursery plants and flowers, other products derived from plants or animals (such as soaps, oils, lotions, teas, and coffee), and services that aid in preparation of food. Any exceptions are at the sole discretion of management.

e. Vendors must have all necessary and relevant licensing and certification that is legally required to conduct business and sale of the particular product(s) sold.

f. All non-agricultural food products must be manufactured in a commercial kitchen (exemption granted for Home Baked and Confectionery Goods program as per the Arizona Department of Health Services).

4. Market Times and Hours – Each market will have official and announced hours, which may change seasonally. Vendors will be allowed to begin set-up 90 minutes before the market opens and must be set up by market opening. All displays must be removed and sales area clean within 90 minutes after the close of the market. Vendors must be ready to sell by the time the market opens, and must begin to pack by the time the market closes.
a. List of Market Hours

5. Set Up, Break Down, and Parking – Vendors are required to unload and park in designated areas only. Contact the market manager if you have questions about the designated areas. Vendors are not allowed to break down their displays or move vehicles into position before market closing without consent of market manager. At the end of the market, vendors are required to pack up first, bring vehicle to the closest parking space, and then begin loading.

6. Payment – Note: Please be aware of the current fee structure, which can differ between markets, as well as members. During the market, a market manager or coordinator will drop off a receipt to you at your booth. This will count as both your attendance slip and payment receipt. At the end of the market, before leaving the grounds, you will visit the information booth to make your payment, as per our fee structure (percentage of your sales, as per the vendor guidelines). We will accept payments beginning 30 minutes before the market ends and no later than 30 minutes after the market ends, (e.g. If the market ends at 1pm, you can pay at the booth between 12:30p – 1:30p). This is also a great time to redeem your tokens, or let management know of your next planned vacation or time off.

7. Space Assignment – Vendors with guaranteed space reservations may occupy their spaces upon arrival. Vendors may be given preferred assignment of a particular space once long-term attendance is established at the market.

8.  Attendance – If any vendor does not intend to display at the Farmers’ Market, verbal or email notification must be given to the market manager prior to the market. Management will use the information to accurately answer customer inquiries regarding vendor attendance.

  1. If an incident occurs where a vendor is unable to make a showing at a particular market, it is important that the vendor notifies Market Management so that space changes can be made appropriately.
  2. Vendors who do not keep a consistent attendance record at the markets may lose their preferred space assignment. Three consecutive weeks of absence from a particular market may result in the space being reassigned, as per the manager’s discretion.

9. Legal Requirements – Vendors must comply with all local, state, and federal laws. This includes any licensing requirements and any permits required by the Local (Pima County) Health Department. Payment of all applicable taxes on taxable goods is the sole responsibility of the seller.

10. Samples – All samples must be provided in compliance with the regulations of the Local (Pima County) Health Department regarding such matters. All vendors giving samples must also provide a waste container in a prominent place for public use. On-site trash receptacles are for customer use only. Trash may be disposed of in the large dumpsters on or near property; vendors are to check with the market manager as to those locations.

11. Insurance Requirement – FoodInRoot is not responsible for any loss or damage incurred by vendors. All applicants must agree to the indemnity wavier in order to complete the application process.

12. Maintenance – All tables must be covered with tablecloths and all boxes and crates must be neatly stacked or hidden from view. All vendor equipment and displays are to be freestanding. Vendors must maintain their sales area in a neat and clean manner. The area must be left in clean and orderly condition.

  1. Vendors must provide a waste container for all refuse and legally dispose of all waste. Refuse must be removed by the vendor from property and disposed of in a proper location.

13. Pets – Vendors are not allowed to bring pets to the Farmers’ Market. Vendors requiring assistance animals are exempt from this restriction.

14. Conduct – Vendors shall conduct themselves in a manner that is courteous to other vendors, market personnel, and the public. Behavior or act, which is criminal, threatening, abusive, or harassing, shall cause the vendor to be expelled immediately from the market.

15. Booth Set-up & Display – No boxes or signs may extend into the common customer traffic areas. Vendors must supply their own booths or tables. Booths and tables must not be a hazard to the public or other vendors.

16. Prices – All items for sale must be clearly marked with their retail price. Prices may be posted on the product with an individual sign or pasted as a list of prices on a large sign or board. Bargaining with customers is permitted.

17. Management Discretion – Vendors must remain in compliance with the above sections. Market Management reserves the right to deny a vendor’s application to prohibit anyone from selling at the market, or to prohibit any product from being sold at the market.
The following guidelines are part of the market rules.

Market Token Program – $5 Tokens (Wooden Nickels) – Credit and Debit

  • Customers can purchase market tokens (in increments of $5) at the information booth.
  • There are no restrictions on what can be bought with the $5 FoodInRoot market token. They should be treated just like a $5 bill—give cash change. All vendors are required to accept Market Tokens.
  • Vendors should keep tokens; they should not be distributed to customers. A vendor may use the tokens as part or all of the payment for the day’s booth space fee, or they may be redeemed to Market Management for an equal value of cash.
  • Tokens NEVER expire, and may be used at any of FoodInRoot’s markets, regardless of the purchase.

Parking Customer parking takes priority, and vendors are required to park in designated areas at each market during the hours of operation. Initial failure to do so will result in a verbal warning. If subsequent violations occur, the vendor will forgo their participation in the upcoming market, and may risk losing their preferred location. Market Management will disclose designated areas, and any confusion can be clarified by speaking to management as to where to park.

Operation Guidelines

Banking – Vendors are required to bring an appropriate amount of cash each day in order to facilitate the daily transactions needed to conduct business at the market. Market Management may be able to provide change for larger bills on a first come first serve basis. This is a courtesy to vendors.

Payment – Management will collect payment for booth space near the end of the market. Vendors will be provided a dated receipt from management for a record of payment upon request. Please know the proper fee structure to make sure the appropriate payment is made!

Market rates and fees can be found by scrolling down on the participation page.

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