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Interested in becoming a vendor at one of our markets? We have three easy steps to guide you through the process. To get started with the guidelines, click on the first box below! Once you have reviewed the guidelines, then proceed to fill out the vendor application. Note that market rates/fees can be found at the bottom of the page.

All current or prospective vendors who have not previously filed an application with FoodInRoot must do so. You are automatically granted coverage by our insurance carrier (at our markets) with a completed application. Additionally, if you already have filled out an application, then you may want to fill out the brief Participation Plan, which allows you to apply to any market by simply checking a box.

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Market Rates

We believe in a “share the pain, share the gain” philosophy. All vendors at any market or event pay a fee based on a percentage of sales for the day, not to exceed a “fee cap.” Please note that this fee structure was developed to be as fair and equitable as possible to all parties involved, while simultaneously putting equitable skin in the game for vendors, allowing small vendors the opportunity to succeed, and providing larger vendors the incentive to grow as a scalable business, while still contributing a fair share, but not in excess. This model takes into account vendors with small setups and therefore less space to sell, as well as considering larger vendors with multiple canopies and greater space requirements. We do not charge by the number of canopies or space that a vendor uses, a vendor will never pay more than the fee cap,  and we keep our fee structure the same to all vendors, at all markets, regardless of the space assignment or time of year. Please note that we have special benefits in the reduction of the fee cap for vendors who participate in multiple FoodInRoot markets (see the bottom of the page). We understand that we are only as good as those around us allow us to be, and that we are all accountable for the overall success of the markets.


The fee structure has been modified. The single market structure will be based on performance, 10% of gross sales (for the day), with payment not to exceed a cap of $50. Proof of sales (e.g. sales record) must be provided to management, otherwise the cap will be the rate charged.

There is a minimum fee of $10, regardless of sales. If a vendor were to make $80 in sales, the rate would be $10. Sales of $120, for example, would warrant a rate of $12. There are a lot of expenses involved in operating a market, including but not limited to the cost of labor, rent, materials (e.g. extension cords, cleaning supplies, tools, etc.) advertising (magazines, signs, radio, etc.), musicians, token gratis, and more. If you have any questions about how are funds are allocated, please feel free to ask management.

Equipment Rental Fees:

Canopies: $10 per canopy, per market day (includes weights)
Tables: $5 per table, per market day


Cap Reduction: Vendors who participate in three or more markets (weekly) will have a cap of $40, at each market.

Loyalty Ledger: Vendors that attend a market who are on time (present at least 20 minutes before a market is scheduled to open) and in full compliance with all market regulations (e.g. parking restrictions) will receive a point on the Loyalty Ledger for that market. For every 8 points received, the vendor will receive a loyalty voucher, which will waive the rent completely for a day. Vendors who are late without notice, or do not properly inform market management (verbal, voicemail, or written notice via email or hand) of an absence (in other words, a no call no show), will have all cumulative points for all markets erased. No exceptions.