A company’s logo is considered by many to be the first touchpoint a business has with a customer—like the first impression in a new relationship. It goes without saying the importance of a good first impression, or a good beginning. We all know it is worth the effort to make the best of any opportunity that you are given. With the right amount of finesse (and of course luck), you may find yourself in a good situation.

When it comes to a business, the logo is often the first impression you get to make. When walking into a café for the first time, even before you open the door and step up to the counter, you usually take the time to read the sign of the business that you are entering (at least hopefully this is the case). We felt it was important to make a logo that really attempted to convey exactly what we are all about.

If you are not familiar, FoodInRoot is everything food. More specifically, we focus on local food, and the great people around us who grow, make, or prepare that food. We are a startup working to create and discover new ways for you to find the best local food available. Whether this is helping you find food you love through an online market place, or providing local food producers and farmers the means to grow and expand their business in today’s digital age, we are working for you (and all food lovers). That being said, as we began to develop our logo, we at least wanted to convey some of that image to you: We love everything about beautiful local food, and we want to share that.

The best food in the world is made with an incredible amount of passion, care, and love. You can tell by the way it tastes, and the way it makes you feel. So shouldn’t our new logo be designed with that same intention? Absolutely.

Although we felt our original logo was a respectable attempt (for something done ourselves as part of a school project), we knew we needed to up the ante to meet our goal of making a good impression and conveying our message. We needed some help. It actually took us a long time to find our graphic designer, one who really shared the same common values and understood our vision. The process was very involved, with countless sketches of concept art and many revisions, tweaks, and changes needed to ultimately pin down the final product. At last, the new logo has been born, inviting and informative, and ready to make a good first impression.

Attempt 1:


Attempt 2: