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Interested in joining our movement? If you are a vendor, artist, musician, food truck, or just have a love of local food, then we have a place for you! We have three easy steps to guide you through the process. To get started with the guidelines, click on the first box below! Once you have reviewed the guidelines, then proceed to fill out the vendor application. Note that market rates/fees can be found at the bottom of the page.

All current or prospective vendors who have not previously filed an application with FoodInRoot must do so. You are automatically granted coverage by our insurance carrier (at our markets) with a completed application.


Market Rates

We believe in a “share the pain, share the gain” philosophy. All vendors at any market or event pay a fee based on a percentage of sales for the day. Please note that this fee structure was developed to be as fair and equitable as possible to all parties involved, while simultaneously putting equitable skin in the game for vendors, allowing small vendors the opportunity to succeed, and providing larger vendors the incentive to grow as a scalable business, while still contributing a fair share, but not in excess. This model takes into account vendors with small setups and therefore less space to sell, as well as considering larger vendors with multiple canopies and greater space requirements. We do not charge by the number of canopies or space that a vendor uses, and we keep our fee structure the same to all vendors, at all markets, regardless of the space assignment or time of year. Please note that we have special benefits for members (see the bottom of the page for details). We understand that we are only as good as those around us allow us to be, and that we are all accountable for the overall success of the markets.

Membership Program: Rooted

There are many benefits to becoming a Rooted Member. Aside from supporting the growth and innovation of FoodInRoot, members are entitled to:

– Lottery Benefit: Member’s receive twice the number of Lottery tickets for each ticket awarded (see details below).
– Discounted Fees: Rooted members pay a lower minimum and a lower cap (if applicable) on market fees than non-members. They are also waived an electrical usage fee.
– Online Presence: Members will receive a premium listing on the FoodInRoot website under the vendor lists. Rooted members will be highlighted with information and pictures shared for all to see. Rooted members also get more exposure on FoodInRoot’s social media channels.
– Other Benefits: Additional benefits and features are planned for the future, as the value of the membership will only increase!

Rooted Membership Packages

3-month Membership – $15.00/month (paid as one payment of $45 every 3 months)
6-month Membership – $13.00/month (paid as one payment of $78 every 6 months)
Annual Membership – $11.50/month (paid as one annual payment of $138)

Payments can be made at the beginning of the month in which the membership begins. Cash, Check, or Money Order accepted, make payments out to FoodInRoot Management.
FoodInRoot is constantly investing in itself, as the business has been growing rapidly since November 2012. Rooted is a great way to “invest” in FoodInRoot as well, as new features, benefits, and special access to events will be given to Rooted members first and often exclusively. If you have any questions about the Rooted membership, please feel free to ask management directly.

The Lottery:

Vendors will receive a lottery ticket for every market they attend on time (Members will receive a bonus ticket). At the beginning of the following month, a random drawing will award the winning ticket with a prize (changes monthly). The monthly prize is announced through the vendor newsletter.

Payment Structure and Fees:

A revised pricing structure will go into effect January 14, 2017. Please note the differences from the past, as the minimum fees have increased at some markets, the percentage no longer scales down from 10%, and there is no longer a cap at SPP.

We are confident in the revised pricing structure, and believe it will put our offerings more in line with the market value, while ensuring that everyone receives a fair, quality value. We are so confident that this structure will work to ensure the markets’ continued sustainability and viability, that we are self-imposing a 3-year moratorium on the structure, preventing it from changing until the year 2020. While you won’t often see a business make this sort of promise, we are completely confident that this new offering will work to satisfy the overhead and operating costs for years to come, and allow us to grow in a sustainable manner where we can continue to invest in our community, while offering some of the best events and markets available for small businesses and community members alike. This would not be possible without your support!

The fee structure (as of January 14th, 2017) for markets and events for the day is 10% of gross sales, or the minimum (whichever is greater). There are minimums and other exceptions, which differ for members of Rooted, as well as the market (Premium vs Standard). Local produce growers have a special flat rate, regardless of sales. Electrical usage fees and late fees will now be implemented when applicable. Please see the chart below for more information on the various fees and charges. (Note that a different fee schedule is used for 2nd Saturdays).

Vendor Rate Chart:

Example of Rent: There are two types of markets, Premium and Standard. For standard markets, there is a minimum fee of $20 (or $15 for members), regardless of sales. The premium markets have minimums of $25 and $20, respectively. The vendor always pays the larger of the two: the minimum fee or 10% of sales. If you are unsure if a certain market is Premium or Standard, just ask management directly (i.e. Premium Markets – St Philips, UA Mall, Green Valley).

If a non-member were to make $100 in sales at a standard market, the rate would be $20. Sales of $380, for example, would warrant a rate of $38. There are a lot of expenses involved in operating a market, including but not limited to the cost of labor, rent, materials (e.g. canopies, tables, chairs, extension cords, cleaning supplies, tools, etc.), advertising (magazines, signs, radio, etc.), musicians, token processing fees, and many others. If you have any questions about how are funds are allocated, please feel free to ask management.

Equipment Rental Fees:

Canopies: $10 per canopy, per market day (includes weights)
Tables: $5 per table, per market day

Equipment may not be available for rental at all markets.

Penalty Fees (read carefully, follow procedures, and you will never have to pay these!):

– Late fee:

Vendors that arrive later than 10 minutes to the start of a market will be charged an $8 late fee for the day. Accumulation of multiple late fees may result in a loss of assigned space.

– Lapse of Commitment Fee:

If you are expected to be at an upcoming market or event, you are committed by default to be present. If, for any reason whatsoever, so will NOT be attending that market, you MUST notify the respective market management (e.g. Tim, Ian) at least 48 hours in advance of the event’s starting time. Failure to attend a market without proper notification (e.g. in person, email, phone, or text prior to 48 hours of the event) will result in a $15 fee being assessed at your next market appearance.

Q: Why a fee if I don’t show up without advance notice?

A: The Lapse of Commitment Fee is not meant to discourage you from attending other events in Lieu of your commitments. We actually encourage you to make your own decisions about your attendance. The fee is simply meant to encourage professional courtesy, as well as sharing the cost of the risk among the parties involved. When a vendor (risk taker) decides not to attend a market without notification, or inform management within the proper time frame, they leave the market (management, other vendors in attendance, and customers,) bearing the cost of the risk. This creates the potential for moral hazard. In other words, by not attending a market you were expected at, you leave management (which operates entirely on fixed costs), other vendors, and specifically your customers, left hanging and bearing the cost of your decision. This is an opportunity cost, and it has to be covered. If you do not want to be assessed this fee, practice courtesy and notify management within the proper time frame of your future absence. This keeps skin in the game, allows us to be better prepared, and most importantly, the ability to notify your customers!

Ultimately, we all slip up sometimes. However, when a commitment to the market, to the other vendors, and to your own customers is made, we expect you to uphold that commitment, regardless of the conditions. If the weather is less than optimal, we expect you to be there, unless proper notification was given (or management cancels the event). Otherwise, the fee will be incurred. Significant repeat offenses may result in loss of space. Rather than a negative fee, think of it as a contribution to ensuring the sustainability of the event. We would rather not collect fees, and prefer you attend the market when expected.

– UA Mall Market Timeliness Fee:

This is a pretty basic fee, meant to offset the significant costs of leasing the UA Mall. We ask all vendors to be packed up and have left the market grounds by 3:30p. Failure to do so will incur a $25 fee, and may result in loss of space.

– St. Philip’s Parking Fee:

All vendors (barring handicap or other exceptions) are required to park in vendor parking spaces (e.g. the far walls, behind the hotel, chase bank parking lot). First offense is a verbal reminder, and relocating your vehicle. Repeat offenses will result in a $5 parking fee, per incident. Please don’t make us asses this fee!


If you have finished reading and are ready to apply as a vendor to one or more of our markets, please click here.

If you are already an approved vendor (with an application on file) and wish to participate in a new market, email [email protected] to make the request.