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We are an event management company operating farmers’ markets and events.

We bring together food, passion, fun, and community to create experiences you won’t forget.


St. Philip’s Plaza Farmers’ Market now has new seasonal hours: 9a – 2p! Check us out!


The story behind our Tucson markets:

Dig your heels in the desert dirt and look around. What do you see?

Here at FoodInRoot we see a place rich in history and culture, a place grounded in family, community, and survival. We see brilliant artists and artisans, dedicated chefs, hard-working farmers, and talented musicians. We see a community of people who are passionate about what they do and who want to share it with their neighbors. FoodInRoot is all about getting “rooted” in community, and that’s why our focus begins with the ubiquitous farmers’ market: the place to shop, eat, and socialize while supporting the work of local producers and artisans. We’re not just a farmer’s market, though. We like to think of our markets as “small business incubators,” where folks with passion and talent can make a living doing what they love. We are working on building a better blueprint for a farmers’ market, to help new markets grow, and existing ones to flourish. We love the many benefits our work brings: providing fresher and better tasting foods, promoting health and wellness, bringing local art and crafts to the forefront, creating sustainability in our environment, growing the local economy, and having fun!

Our markets are meant to be enjoyed. Take the time to talk to our wonderful vendors as they all have a story to tell. Stroll among the wares and feel inspired: perhaps a new recipe comes to mind, a creative way to liven up your home, or an addition to your home garden. Relax over a cup of warm coffee in the colder months or a refreshing piña or horchata during the hot summers. Get to know your neighbors whether they’re behind a booth or walking the aisles alongside you. Our markets are filled with local gems: artisan soaps, handmade toys, metalsmiths and woodturners, sustainable ranchers, locally-harvested organic produce, spiritually inspired jewelry, artisan food producers with unique family recipes, locally roasted coffee, beekeepers, and so much more. As a community-driven endeavor, there is something for everyone at our markets, and a reason to love it. Discover yours!

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10:00 am Banner – UMC Farmers’ Market @ Banner - University Medical Center (Campbell Ave north of Speedway Blvd)
Banner – UMC Farmers’ Market @ Banner - University Medical Center (Campbell Ave north of Speedway Blvd)
Oct 25 @ 10:00 am – 2:00 pm